• Anti-carcinogen, air-permeable silicone elastics in requested dimensions 
    Men's Underwear
  • Waistbands from 1 cm to 6 cm
  • Multi colored and Jacquarded Elastics 
  • Micro Cotton and Organic Elastics for sensitive skinnes
  • Medical
  • Medical Tapes
  • Medical Elastics
  • Varieties of elastics for pantyhose and varsity socks/stockings
  • Women's Lingerie
  • Bra Wire Casings
  • Bra Straps
  • Plain Elastics
  • Waistbands for Socks/Stockings and Underwear in all varieties and models
       BİLİM DAR DOKUMA, the producer of lingerie and confectionery elastics, is known as a dynamic company      Our company is member of KYSD and TIGSAD, and also certified by Oeko-Tex.      BİLİM DAR DOKUMA, in its field as being a good follower of technology and trend setting abilities.